This Oreo Cheesecake Fudge is so easy to make, is no-bake, and has only 5 ingredients. A delicious treat that will become a favorite.


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Oreo Cheesecake Fudge is a treat you need in your life because it is SO good and I just love how fast it comes together. And because it’s no-bake, it’s perfect for those times that you don’t feel like heating up your house by turning on the oven. A little time needs to be factored in for chilling in the fridge, but besides that, this Oreo Cheesecake Fudge is quick and requires just a few minutes of mixing in a pan.

oreo cheesecake fudge 2

The cheesecake pudding mix adds a light cheesecake flavor that works perfectly with the white chocolate and Oreo’s. I had one friend describe it as Oreo cookie dough. The texture is soft, but sets up and cuts nicely. This is a pretty sweet treat, so little squares are best.

One tip that helps to make this Oreo Cheesecake Fudge a success is to spray the measuring cup with non-stick spray before measuring out the marshmallow fluff. That stuff is so sticky, but comes right out when sprayed with cooking spray.

oreo cheesecake fudge 3

You will love how easy this Oreo Cheesecake Fudge is to make and how incredibly delicious it is! It only takes 10 minutes to make from start to finish and it’s a rich and creamy treat everyone will love!

Oreo Cheesecake Fudge
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