Anyone who has planned a trip in the past few years has most likely scanned through Instagram to find some new places to go. Whether it is a locally loved spot, a piece of wall art, a beautiful garden, or an off-the-beaten-track museum, Instagram often has some unique suggestions.

But if there is one area that the app really excels, it is in the food industry. We all love to share photos of our dinner (and to look at what others are eating), and the app can also educate people on new spots to check out.

For Insta-worthy food and decor, here are the best places to dine in Dubai to get your feed looking delicious.

1. Coya Dubai

It only seems right that Coya Dubai takes the top spot on this list. As a winner of Time Out Dubai’s most coveted “Restaurant of the Year” award, this place is something special. Obviously, the Peruvian cuisine is incredible, but the decor — think ornate doors, velvet chairs, and an authentic, buzzing ambiance — is what will have your Instagram post going viral.

2. Tub of Butter

Designer coffee is a trend that has hit the big time all around the world, and Dubai is no exception. In addition to creative Mediterranean dishes and tasty burgers, at Tub of Butter, you can have your coffee topped with some of the most incredible coffee art you have ever seen.

Here, baristas put your favorite celebrity’s face in the foam, giving you the chance to “chill and have a coffee” with Drake or Justin Bieber, right after Instagramming a photo of the two of you of course.


3. Salt

The queen of Dubai food trucks, Salt has been delighting the palates and the Instagram feeds of trendy diners since they first opened on Kite Beach. Their mission is as “an urban food experience that brings people together to enjoy a simple meal in the environments they love the most.” With its beautiful views and drool-worthy burger and fries, this is a place that needs to be on your radar!

4. Aprons & Hammers Dubai

Voted by Dubai residents as the “Best Seafood Restaurant in Dubai” at the What’s On Awards for four years (2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016), Aprons & Hammers Dubai is where you go when you want to taste Dubai as the locals do.

It is no surprise it is so popular, what with its super fresh seafood, extensive wine list, and the fact that it is located on a historic dhow (a traditional sailing vessel) at DIMC Mina Seyahi. That’s right; you can dig into your fresh lobster while being seated on a boat. The perfect place for a quick Instagram-live session!

5. Black Tap

Have you ever noticed that an Instagram photo of a milkshake and burger just seems to get so many more double-taps? That will undoubtedly be the case once your followers see the creations that are being whipped up at Black Tap — the New York-based milkshake and burger shop that earlier this year introduced itself to the Dubai market.

These shakes are works of art, and the restaurant itself refers to them as “part dessert, part art project.” To be honest, it may be hard even to resist drinking or eating them for long enough to capture a snap!

6. SpiceKlub Bur Dubai

Since opening in Dubai in 2016, SpiceKlub Bur Dubai has been providing the people of Dubai with the tastiest and most innovative Indian cuisine around. The flamboyant nature of this restaurant is proven with items such as spinach-infused water served in test tubes and a chocolate cake in the shape of a bar of soap.

The pani puri starter, for example, is presented in a DIY style with test tubes and a syringe, so you can spice it up however you like. Obviously, a place with such wacky food is going to have fantastic decor, and they don’t disappoint in this regard — expect to see rickshaw wheels hanging from the ceiling!

And, as a final reminder, don’t forget to actually enjoy the food and the experience while you are there! While having a drool-worthy Instagram feed is fun, there is no point traveling for these experiences if you don’t also participate in the here-and-now of them.


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