Fresh juice franchise, Joe & the Juice, has finally come to Chicago! The doors have opened in the Gold Coast to Denmark’s popular fast-casual joint. Perfect for any time of the day, Joe’s menu satisfies the taste buds while saving you time and perking up your day!

Wake up with Joe and a cup of joe! Joe and the Juice offers nutritional options to get any day started. Start your morning with a “Joegurt”, a fruit and yogurt bowl full of flavor and antioxidants to keep your New Year’s diet resolutions in tact. “The Sweet” Joegurt is a blend of strawberry, banana, avocado, elderflower and yogurt with a choice of topping (granola, blueberry or coconut flakes).  Grab any one of a number of coffee options at Joe & the Juice and you are on your way to a healthy and caffeinated day!

Joe The Juice 1
Joegurt at Joe & the Juice

The sandwiches at Joe & the Juice are perfect for grabbing a quick lunch or after work meal before heading home. The “Joe’s Club” loaded with all-white meat chicken, avocado, tomato and pesto inside a crispy flatbread is delightful and fills you up! For tuna lovers, the “Tunacado” satisfies with tuna, avocado and pesto as well. Pair any of Joe’s sandwiches with one of their fresh juices and your lunch is complete. The “Sex Me Up” juice with passion fruit, apple and ginger provides the perfect pick me up in the middle of the day. And the “Prince of Green” bursts with cucumber, lemon and pineapple to soothe the soul. Joe’s juices are ideal for curing anything from an upset stomach to a weekend hangover.

Joe’s juicers also concoct protein-packed shakes for that post-workout snack. Or opt for shots of ginger or turmeric to get your blood flowing!  Whatever way you are feeling, Joe’s beverages can make it better!

Screen Shot 2018 01 19 At 12 46 34 Pm
The Tunacado at Joe & the Juice

Perhaps one of the coolest parts about Joe & the Juice are its juicers. No, not the machines but the people whipping up your awesome juices! Not only are they super knowledgeable and friendly, they are also working for a great company AND it shows in their attitude. Joe & the Juice employees have the option when applying to sign up for an exchange program. This program gives employees the choice to travel and live in other countries while working as Joe Juicers at locations worldwide. Employees can discover places such as Germany, France, Singapore and more, or in other words, live their dream.

Screen Shot 2018 01 19 At 12 46 49 Pm
Sex Me Up (left) and Prince of Green (right) Juices at Joe & the Juice

Joe & the Juice was founded in Copenhagen 15 years ago and has grown to over 200 locations worldwide. The newly opened Gold Coast location is the 25th store to open in the U.S. with plans for two more downtown Chicago openings coming this Spring! Stay tuned!

Joe & the Juice is open Monday through Friday 6am – 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am – 8:30pm.

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