Dish of the Week - DAS BBQ

The elote creamed corn at DAS BBQ captures the flavor and flair of Mexican street corn. / CONTRIBUTED BY HENRI HOLLIS

Dish of the Week: Elote Creamed Corn at DAS BBQ

The elote creamed corn at DAS BBQ isn’t your grandad’s creamed corn. If you think of creamed corn as the watery, bland side dish dumped from a can and sitting untouched on the cafeteria buffet, be prepared to have your eyes opened at this Westside smokehouse.

The name itself reveals the inspiration for the flavors in DAS BBQ’s version. Elote is the Mexican street corn roasted on a stick, often served with toppings like chiles and crumbled cheese. Those same ingredients make cameos in different parts of DAS BBQ’s recipe, which starts with fresh corn.

Sauteeing the kernels with fresh, de-seeded jalapenos gives the dish some chile flavor and spice, though not enough to overwhelm. Heavy cream and Parmesan cheese give it heft, richness and unmistakable umami. A little salt and some barbecue spices round out the flavor, and a quick appointment with an immersion blender ensures the corn is creamy without being liquefied.

The ‘cue might be the draw at DAS BBQ, but the corn is not to be missed.

1203 Collier Road NW, Atlanta. 404-850-7373,



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