Forget pancakes with maple syrup or blueberry pancakes. Pancakes today are on a whole new level and we introduce you to the best of Dubai just in time for Pancake Day!

A few years ago most places would have pancakes on their breakfast or brunch menu. Served with maple syrup, and if you were lucky you could add blueberries or banana, and if it was a slightly more modern place, chocolate chips. Wild. Those days are over. Pancakes have been taken to a whole new level, and, thanks to Instagram, the race is on for the most finger-licking, droolingly delicious stack of pancakes that includes every kind of fruit, chocolate, salted caramel, candy floss, marshmallows, nuts and cookie you can think of.

Dubai wouldn’t be Dubai if it wouldn’t join the crowd, and along with some of the international franchises that are famous for their over the top plating, some of the local favourites have also come up with fantabulous pancakes. And KeepDining wouldn’t be KeepDining if we didn’t give you the ultimate list of pancakes to try in Dubai!


IHOP, various locations – Of course we couldn’t not mention IHOP. A staple from the US, they combine their fluffy pancakes with a lot of different ingredients to make New York cheesecake pancakes, red velvet pancakes and of course a full fry up with pancakes. This is for if you want to start slow and build up the anticipation for the best stack in Dubai.

Clinton St. Baking Company, Burj Views & City Walk A long running favourite, Clinton St has always had a strong reputation for their pancakes. And now it’s pancake month at Clinton St., so you have no excuse to skip them. You may have to go every day to try all of the 13 pancakes they have whipped up. Think coconut, key lime, black cherry, pumpkin and strawberry shortbread. Just to name a few. Each one runs for 2 days during Feb, so plan your meals well!

Cocoa Room, Galleria Mall Where to start? It’s probably better to come with a few friends, order as many pancakes as you think you can eat and share so you can try all the delicious options.  Think banoffee, red velvet, peanut butter and Nutella…just to name a few. You may have to go for a nap and skip dinner after the sugar rush…

Reform Social & Grill, JLT We love Reform, because they have something for everyone. And for pancake day (Feb 13) they have endless toppings so you can make your own scrumptious stack. Think marshmallows, chopped nuts and lots of chocolate and caramel sauce. Why hold back?

The Black Lion, Rixos Premium JBR For pancake day (Feb 13), Black Lion has a pancake stack that probably ranks as one of the top contenders in Dubai. Lots of fruit (banana, strawberry and blackberries), so you’ll have your 2 a day, and then oreos, peanut butter sauce and marshmallows. At least, that’s what we remembered from the list. If you can finish a stack in under 10 minutes the stack is free.

Cheesecake Factory, various locations Of course Cheesecake Factory has good pancakes. They have endless cheesecakes so they must be good at pancakes as well. Their stand-out one is lemon ricotta, topped with fresh strawberries. It’ll be a tough day to choose between your favourite cheesecake and pancakes. Maybe pancakes as a main and cheesecake as dessert? Just saying.


Mazina, the Address Dubai Marina We already loved the Mazina brunch, but on Feb 18th for pancake month, they are hosting a special pancake brunch. Make your own, compete to be the best pancake flipper, and of course, top and style your own pancakes with more toppings and add ons than you can imagine. There’ll be lots to do for the kids as well, so a great option for a family brunch.

Shakespeare & Co, various locations – Shakespeare & co is smart about their pancakes. They do savoury ones as well as sweet ones, which is more of the French crepe tradition. Spinach, smoked salmon, chicken and turkey can all be part of your stack. But let’s be honest, we’re here for the sugar rush and all the other crepes or pancakes, whatever you’d like to call them. Almond caramel, lemon and chocolate. That’s what we’re talking about.

More Café, Mall of the Emirates & Al Murooj It’s confusing, all those different types of pancakes. And on top of that, the Netherlands has 2 styles – the small mini pancakes (poffertjes), and the large thin ones, that are more like the French crepes (pannenkoeken). More, Dutch owned, of course do pannenkoeken. Think apple, bacon, bacon and cheese, hazelnut cream, coconut, strawberries, lemon and orange.

Cocoville, Jumeirah Of course Cocoville had to have amazing pancakes given their chocolate-everything. They have a little something called Midnight Pancakes, and it’s to die for. Chocolate-filled pancakes. Like chocolate lava cakes, the chocolate comes oozing out, and it’s heaven.

Parker’s, Dubai Mall – One of the more secretive venues in Dubai, the Dubai Mall branch is an oasis during a busy day at the mall. And, guess what, they do amazing pancakes. Crushed toblerone, for one. Say what? Yup. Or cheesecake style, with fresh berries and cream cheese. Drooling already. Now we just have to find a key…

Karak House, Downtown – Arabic Indian fusion pancakes. That means cardamom, rose and saffron. #Yums. They are made with ricotta and come with fresh berries. Order some karak, have a shakshuka and some pancakes, and spend a morning enjoying the cooler weather while watching life go by from the outdoor area. What more could you ask for?

Denny’s, Al Wasl I remember Denny’s cheesecake. Nothing came close for simple New York cheesecake done well. And of course they do breakfast 24/7 and so their pancakes are worth a trip as well. Dulce de leche, cranberry orange, peanut butter, salter caramel and pecan. Need we say more?

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