Grab your comrades and come on down to Boiler Room while they team up with Collective Arts Brewing for the “Collective Arts Brewing Art Party”  this Thursday, March 8th at 7 PM!

Hot on the tails of last month’s  “Call For Art Party” in February, Collective Arts Brewing is back in Chicago and continuing their contest for art to be featured in Season 10 of their art collections! Each can of beer from Collective Arts Brewing features a unique piece of art created by an independent artist, open to anyone. Everyone who submits a design receives a hosted Collective Arts beer at the event!

The “Art Party” is not only a call for art but also a celebration of work from artists around the world. Collective Arts Brewing will display the work from previous submissions, and will even be giving away some prints for free. The evening also features a live vinyl set by DJ Ed Clemons of Cage And Aquarium Productions, sure to keep everyone’s creative juices (and Boiler Room’s unique cocktails) flowing!

The contest is limited to one entry per person, and all winners will be compensated for their work, if chosen! Not only will the competition winners have their art shown off, their name and artistic style will be introduced to the world! So grab your paint brushes and pull out your tablet and tell your artistic friends because Collective Arts Brewing is collecting submissions online or in person at the “Art Party”.

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