Why are all the most celebrated Chefs flocking to Dubai?

The terms “celebrated” or “celebrity chef” imply these are chefs who have become TV personalities.  In reality, we should consider their competences and capabilities, which are reflected more in credentials and culinary accolades like Michelin stars.

Food distribution companies in UAE emphasize that as people become more food-savvy and cooking lessons have gained popularity, it is not only pop stars and actors who claim fame, but also Chefs. Now, it seems such celebrity chefs are eager to set up base in the emirate.

Here are three reasons why most celebrity chefs are setting up shop in Dubai.

1. To show off their skills

Although Dubai is not huge by any standard, the Dubai Food Festival and Taste of Dubai are a big opportunity for many upcoming and established Chefs to show off their skills through promotions with venues to showcase signature dishes and all the activities at the Amphitheatre in Media City. Professionals, amateurs and foodies from the whole world flock to Dubai during these events to watch, learn and indulge. Visitors can also learn from celebrated chefs through live cooking demonstrations, and the chance to get up on the stage to cook alongside them.

Apart from food, visitors during the Taste of Dubai 2017 also enjoyed live musical performances from both local and international artists.

So, expect celebrity chefs to flock to Dubai to show off their cooking skills when the Dubai Food Festival is fast-approaching.

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2. Establish their restaurant business

Another reason celebrity chefs go to Dubai is to set up their own restaurant business. Remember that food is a lucrative business in the Middle East, with plenty of culinary delights from all around the world being offered. In fact, to have a taste of all the different cuisines is among the reasons why people travel to this region.

Celebrity chefs flock to Dubai because they are eyeing the restaurant business scene. Starting your own restaurant business is not as easy as you think. But if you know the different governing rules and how this process works, this can be a very successful endeavor to establish a global reputation and make some money.

People are always trying newly-crafted cuisines, tantalizing their taste buds, and exploring new food specialties. Besides, one of the crucial parts of visiting foreign countries is to indulge in both local and global dishes.

If you are a restaurateur also hoping to make it in Dubai, make sure to acquire all the necessary permits and licenses. You can seek help from business consultants who can guide, assist and educate you about the business setup and licensing procedure in Dubai. This way, you won’t fail. Your restaurant can be the next Bread Street Kitchen & Bar or Rhodes W1 in no time!

3. Purchase different spices

Spice Souk is considered the biggest spice market in Dubai, and it is located in Deira. It has a wide range of herbs, spices, traditional medicinal products, and incense.

Most celebrity chefs go to Dubai to check out the spice offerings and buy some to use in their own recipes. With plenty of unique dishes being presented today, your dish must stand out as a celebrity chef. And the best way to do so is to discover which of these spices can add that unique taste.

As you walk into the narrow alleys, enjoy the aroma of the past. Also, savor the atmosphere as you’re being introduced to the different aromatic Middle-Eastern spices and herbs spilling from huge baskets at each turn.

In every stall, you can find bags of rose petals, medicinal products, spices and incense stacked outside. When buying, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller because this is already a norm in the souks.

Dubai — with all its beautiful sights, unique haunts and global cuisine — is a truly one-of-a-kind destination celebrity chefs seek out. So if you’ve been wondering why most celebrated chefs flock into Dubai, wonder no more. After all, you’re planning on dropping by too, right?

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