When I wrote The Perfect Scoop, I was excited for the opportunity to be able to write a book on ice cream that included the basics of making ice cream at home, but made sure it had a special emphasis on all the mix-ins and sauces and toppings that go inside, outside, and on top of everyone’s favorite dessert. (Including mine.) I had the time of my life doing the book, and after it was released ten years ago, I was surprised – and delighted – at the groundswell of support the book had, year after year.

The Perfect ScoopInitially, the publisher told me it was the fastest approval for a book he’d ever seen in one of their acquisition meetings, where they review proposed titles. I wanted the book to be a guidebook to making ice cream, one that included the basics, with all the accompaniments, from mix-ins to sauces, that go inside, on top, and under those perfect scoops, and they were happy to oblige.

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