Trenton will wear the uniforms during every Friday game at Arm & Hammer Park for the rest of the season.

Welcome to the Eastern League, Thunder Pork Roll.

The Trenton Thunder broke out their new Pork Roll uniforms for the second of four games with the Bowie Bay Sox Friday night.

Trenton will wear the uniforms, sponsored by Case Pork Roll, during every Friday game at Arm & Hammer Park for the rest of the season.

“It is exciting, of course, to have baseball and pork roll together,” Tom Dolan, the President of Case Pork Roll, said. “We have a good relationship with the Thunder, and it is going to be fun seeing them out there with the pork roll hats and jerseys on.”

Pitcher and West Windsor native Ben Ruta, who has extensive knowledge of the New Jersey iconic food, has been schooling the rest of the Thunder roster.

“I am going to try it, because Ben Ruta has been hyping it up a lot,” Chris Gittens, the Thunder first baseman, said. “He says, ‘You have to have it.’ So one of these days, I will try it.”

“It is always fun to wear different jerseys,” Ruta said. “I feel like pork roll is part of the New Jersey culture that most people don’t understand. But if you are from the area, it is a cool thing to wear.

“Most of the guys haven’t tried it on the team, so it is kind of hard for me to explain it. You have to try it if you want to know what it is.”

Thunder Pork Roll manager Jay Bell tried his first pork roll sandwich just after he arrived in town. 

“I am still trying to figure out what pork rolls are, but I did eat one when I first came into town,” Bell said. “We got into town the day before Easter Sunday. I was going to church at a place near Langhorne, and I found a diner. I ended up trying it.” 

Thunder’s Abiatal Avelino tearing up minor leagues in 2018

The Sticky Pig, a new favorite among fans at Arm & Hammer Park, has been selling well to start the 2018 campaign. Sales have been as hot as the Thunder, who had the best record in the Eastern League coming into Friday night (25-14).

Case will also sponsor the upcoming Home Run Derby Monday, July 10, as part of the Eastern League All-Star Game festivities.

“I heard the Sticky Pig has been doing well, and it’s a big hit,” Dolan said. “This is a really exciting time. To be a part of the Thunder’s 25th anniversary, and to be building this relationship over the last few years, getting bigger and bigger with them, and to be a part of something this big, it is tremendous.”


River Fest, presented by Case Pork Roll, will take place on Saturday September 29 at Arm & Hammer Park.

The highlight of the event will be the Case Pork Roll Eating Championship, a Major League Eating competition that has seen the top two eaters in the world win the last two years.

Joey Chestnut set the record with 43 quarter-pound sandwiches in 2016, while New Jersey’s own Carmen Cincotti won the event last year, as he ate 40 pork roll sandwiches in 10 minutes.

All tickets to the event are general admission and may be purchased for $5 beginning May 18 at 5:00pm. 

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