Hey, look, it’s a video! About what to eat in Paris. Which, incidentally, is kind of the theme of this blog.

As it turns out, the list of Top Ten Must-Eat Foods in Paris is super popular (supes pops, for you Millennials. Just kidding, I don’t know what Millennials say). This means that people want to know what to eat. So surely they want to SEE what to eat, too, right?

My supes cool friends (I know that supes isn’t a thing) from La Team Collective agreed to make a video with me of the top ten must eat foods in Paris. It was hard work to walk around Paris eating all my favorite foods, but I am strong. And I must say, I am jealous of myself when I watch it, and I wish I was eating everything all over again.

Feast your eyes on all the delicious French food, and if you’re not already planning a trip to Paris, then I hope this gets you thinking about it.

A big Merci to my friends at La Team Collective for the video production extraordinaire!

must eat foods paris

Coming soon…a video on where to get the best pastries in Paris!

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