Unless you’re Greek you probably don’t have a passionate opinion about feta. In Greece, feta is the Brad Pitt of the cheese world. From breakfast to dessert, feta always has a starring role. In America, feta’s more like Geoff Stults. It’s a good cheese, but it just doesn’t get that much play. These 11 recipes might just bring feta to the forefront of American cheese culture too. From breakfast sandwiches to tacos, there’s a lot you can do with it to liven up your recipes!

And if you haven’t already heard, like any good celebrity, feta has been making a lot of headlines lately.  So if you really want get up to date on feta cheese, then you should also read my article Feta, the Great Cheese Debate.

1. Reinvent Your Breakfast Sandwich

Egg and Feta Open Face Breakfast Sandwich


Give your breakfast sandwich a sophisticated twist with my open faced feta, egg, Kalamata olive, and kale sandwich. It’s a healthy and delicious alternative to the classic sausage and egg combo. This breakfast sandwich always brightens up my Monday mornings. Get our Healthy Open-Face Breakfast Sandwich recipe.

2. Give Weekend Brunch A Makeover

Broad Bean and Feta Frittata

BBC Food

Need a delicious, yet simple, recipe that’s sure to impress? Try this tasty frittata with the unexpected combination of pole beans and feta cheese. It’s the perfect recipe for weekend brunch. Get the recipe.

3. Liven Up Your Salads

Watermelon and Feta Salad

Martha Stewart

We Greeks eat feta with everything, including our melons! If you haven’t tried the sweet and salty combination of feta cheese and watermelon, then you’re missing out. The combination also makes for a great salad. For an extra kick, try adding roasted jalapenos. Get the recipe.

4. Get Creative With Sides

Grilled Summer Squash with Feta and Mint


Grilled vegetables always make for a flavorful side, but they taste twice as good when you add tangy feta and fresh mint into the mix. So next time you fire up the grill, get our Summer Squash with Feta and Mint recipe.

5. Go Greek With Tacos

Greek-Style Shrimp and Feta Tacos


Forget south of the border, for these shrimp tacos we’re heading to the Mediterranean! With roasted red peppers, oregano, and feta cheese, this is the perfect recipe to add some variety to taco night. Get our Greek-Style Shrimp and Feta Tacos recipe.

6. Get Stuffed With Chicken

Feta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts


For a delicious and flavorful recipe that’s sure to keep chicken breasts moist and flavorful, try stuffing the breasts with creamy feta and fresh spinach. This simple recipe is perfect for family night and dinner parties alike.  Get our Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Feta and Spinach recipe.

7. Make Soups Hot Again

Quinoa Chowder with Spinach, Feta, and Scallions


Sorry moms, but chicken soup is so passé. With the cold days of winter ahead, it’ll soon be time to shift into soup mode. Try warming up with this quinoa chowder, topped with the delicious combination of feta and scallions. You can sign me up for seconds! Get our Quinoa Chowder with Spinach, Feta, and Scallions recipe.

8. Create The Perfect Spread

Whipped Feta Spread


Remember the days of Cheez Whiz in a jar? That fluorescent orange “cheese” made me want to swear off cheese spreads for life. But one bite of this easy to make spread, with feta, lemon zest, and fresh herbs and you’ll become a fan for life. Get our Whipped Feta Spread recipe.

9. Elevate Biscuits To New Heights

Dill and Feta Biscuits

Damn Delicious

Breakfast, brunch, even fried chicken wouldn’t be the same without flaky and buttery biscuits. Adding feta and dill is certain to liven up your next meal, and have everyone wanting to break bread with you. Get the recipe.

10. Dream Up A Sweet Finish

Baked Pears with Feta

Love and Flour

Forget about visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. This light and flavorful dessert combines baked pears with honey, feta cheese, and mint. It’s the perfect ending to enjoy with a glass of Sauternes. Get the recipe.

11. Makeover The Holidays

kale and feta stuffed roasted pumpkin

Green Kitchen Stories

This year give your Thanksgiving meal the ultimate makeover. Forget the green bean casserole! Try this recipe for pumpkins stuffed with kale & feta. It makes for a divine side dish, that’s certain to please even the most difficult relative at the holiday dinner table. Get the recipe.

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