Waking up is hard to do for many of us. But not so much when the one you love hands you a special drink and a homemade meal—all while you’re still in your PJs snuggled under the covers. So this Valentine’s Day, give what you’d want. And you get to indulge too. Treat yourselves to one of these three make-ahead breakfasts instead of an overpriced dinner. Do whatever prep you can the night before, and enjoy it with your bed buddy.

Then you can both swoon over the food, presented, of course, in proper style.

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But if breakfast in bed doesn’t suit you, trying making dessert for two, or invite a few other couples over that night and throw a beautiful party for Valentine’s Day. Not into this particular holiday? Fight the powers-that-be and learn how to throw a badass Anti-Valentine’s Day party.

But first up on our breakfast-in-bed menus for snuggle bunnies, this is one for lovers of the incredible, edible egg.

“The Egg Came First” Menu

Autumn Chiller


This yolk-colored drink is packed with orange juice, which is a great morning complement to the rich, savory main dish coming next. And to make it feel more festive, there’s ginger beer and sparkling apple cider in this alcohol-free mixed morning drink. Get our Autumn Chiller recipe.

Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole


Prepare this dreamy, rich eggy breakfast dish the night before, all except the cooking. You’ll use a whopping dozen eggs for this dish. Put that dish in the refrigerator to set overnight, and then wake up about 1 hour, 15 minutes before your bedmate. All you’ll need to do is preheat the oven and slip it inside for an hour. Get our Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole recipe.

Zesty Lime and Ginger Winter Fruit Salad


As either a side dish or a breakfast dessert, a fruit salad celebrating the winter spoils (in Florida, at least) is a great finishing touch. The burst of color will make the plate look pretty too. Get our Zesty Lime and Ginger Winter Fruit Salad recipe.

“Pastries for Life” Menu



Bicerin is an Italian espresso drink  with hot chocolate and heavy cream, the perfect complement to a morning pastry or two. Get our Bicerin recipe.

Breakfast Empanadas


Eggs, chorizo, cheese, scallions, and cilantro are stuffed inside these flaky pastry pockets. Serve them with some sour cream and salsa, everything made the day before. Reheat and enjoy. Get our Breakfast Empanadas recipe.

Raspberry Scones


We don’t care that empanadas and scones seem like a curious combination. Unlikely pairings can create something beautiful, don’t you think? Flaky and moist if done right, your breakfast can end on a slightly sweet note. Add freshly whipped cream … for the scones, silly. Get our Raspberry Scones recipe.

The “East Dessert First” Menu


Mix up that standard mimosa idea with a cranberry-laced version. It’s like a blushing cocktail juice packed with good-for-you vitamin C, yet a little naughty in the morning too. Get our Valentini recipe.

French Toast Casserole


It’s French toast that you don’t have to stand over the frying pan to make, loaded with pecans, raisins, and maple syrup for a crunchy, custardy breakfast treat. Get our French Toast Casserole recipe.

Honey-Ginger Pear Trifle


Is it dessert or is it breakfast? Who cares? We love to blur the lines when it comes to enjoying what we want. Graham crackers go upscale in this fruit-and-yogurt trifle. Get our Honey-Ginger Pear Trifle recipe.

Check out our other breakfast recipes if you want more ideas, and our Valentine’s Day headquarters for more tips, tricks, and recipes.

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