by Stranger EverOut Staff

If youre feeling less than enthused about Valentines Day, Bakery Nouveau has cookies to express your discontent.

You don’t have to be in love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with these delicious-looking cookies from Bakery Nouveau. Bakery Nouveau via Instagram

When conversation hearts and drugstore chocolates just won’t cut it, there’s an abundance of Valentine’s Day-themed food and drink specials to choose from at cafes and bakeries all over the city. We’ve gathered this list so that even the most inveterate procrastinators can procure treats for the holiday. For more ideas, check out our ultimate guide to where to eat out for Valentine’s Day, our Valentine’s Day calendar, and our food and drink calendar.

Bakery Nouveau
The beloved bakery promises an abundance of Valentine’s Day-themed sweets, including house-made chocolates, caramel vanilla heart cookies, the “Rosé All Day” (milk chocolate and rose mousse with a raspberry rose gelée center on a cardamom shortbread cookie, with white chocolate glaze and candied rose petals), the “Sakura” (vanilla and cherry blossom bavarois layered between limoncello-soaked lemon chiffon cake with pink cocoa butter), the “Aphrodite” (lemon fromage blanc mousse with raspberry strawberry gelée, strawberry-brushed lemon chiffon glaze, strawberry raspberry coulis, mini madeleines, and rose petals), a chocolate raspberry mousse dome, and sugar cookies in the likeness of sassy conversation hearts and love notes.

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