Two online polls this weekend found that Memphis Flyer readers are not yet ready to return to restaurants Monday.

Restaurants have the green light to return to business today, the first day since some stay-at-home restrictions were lifted by government leaders in Memphis and Shelby County.

Restrictions still apply even to those businesses that can re-open. Restaurants, for example, can only use half of its available seating, and restaurant employee must wear masks on the job.

While business, political, and medical officials here agreed to loosen some of the shelter-in-place restrictions, our readers agreed the time is not yet right for them to return to public dining rooms.

An overwhelming majority (83 percent!) of them responded “hell no” when asked in a Twitter poll Friday if they’d eat at a restaurant today. Only 12 percent answered “hell yes,” and 5 percent answered “maybe.”
Over on Instagram, 271 voters (of 301 total voters) said there’s “not a chance” they’d go to a restaurant today. Only 30 Instagram voters said “hell yes,” they’d go to a public dining room today.

It’s uncertain how Monday’s return to business will play out. Many are eager to return to some sense of normalcy. Many others are still worried about the spread of the coronavirus here, even with the added restrictions of mandatory social distancing, masks, and more.

Many restaurants have said they will not open today. That list includes all Huey’s locations, all restaurants from chef Ryan Trimm, all restaurants from chef Kelly English, The Majestic Grille, and more.

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