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Fast and Easy Dinner Rolls made from scratch! No bread machine required! Fresh and warm, right out of the oven, these basic homemade dinner rolls are irresistable!

Dinner rolls are such a perfect side dish for so many recipes ranging from easy weeknight casseroles to the essential accompaniment to Thanksgiving Dinner. Today I thought I’d share my basic recipe for homemade dinner rolls made from scratch, with no bread machine required! They are fast and easy too, which is a HUGE bonus, in my book. Once you make this recipe for Dinner Rolls, you’ll never search for another dinner roll recipe again!

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Why is it that a basket of fresh, warm dinner rolls is always so inviting? When I was a kid, dinner rolls were ALWAYS the best part about Thanksgiving dinner. I was never a turkey girl. Just give me the bread!

As I mentioned before, no bread machine is required for this recipe. You’ll either want a mixer or a food processor to make the dough, but other than that, nothing fancy is required. These rolls freeze really well, which I love. I almost always have some of these on hand in the freezer which makes for a quick and easy side during the week. 

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You’ll get about 24 rolls from one batch of dough which means there is plenty to serve a crowd! I like to bake them in a 9 x 13 inch casserole dish but you could also use two 8-9 inch pie plates. You’ll either need two packets of active dry yeast, or about 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of active dry yeast if you buy your yeast in bulk. I always have a jar of yeast in my fridge because I go through it so quickly. 

Be sure to let the rolls rise for the full 60-90 minutes for the best results, otherwise your dinner rolls won’t be light and fluffy and irresistible like I promised!

Whether you’re serving these alongside dinner during the week, or you are making them for a big holiday dinner like Thanksgiving, they are sure to be a hit and you are just going to love how fast and easy they are to make. Now go get out the butter to slather all over these fresh rolls and enjoy!

Fast and Easy Dinner Rolls
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