by EverOut Staff

Chef Mutsuko Somas lauded Fremont restaurant Kamonegi will be serving its handmade soba noodles at Seattle Restaurant Week.

Chef Mutsuko Soma’s lauded Fremont restaurant Kamonegi will be serving its handmade soba noodles for Seattle Restaurant Week, which will span the entirety of April this year. Kamonegi

Frugal gourmands everywhere rejoice over Seattle Restaurant Week, which happens twice a year and lets diners tuck into prix-fixe menus at many different restaurants hoping to lure new customers with singularly slashed prices.

In the wake of COVID-19’s devastating impact on the restaurant industry, this year’s proceedings are going to be a bit different. Despite the name, Seattle Restaurant Week will last the entire month of April. And, though three-course prix-fixe meals will still be available, the participating restaurants (over 200 this year) will also have more flexibility over what specials and deals they’d like to highlight, and takeout and delivery will be emphasized more than before.

Plus, with a new “Buy One, Give One” option, diners can now choose to donate $10 to the King County nonprofit Good Food Kitchens, which provides local funds to help restaurants and community kitchens (like the ones at Musang and That Brown Girl Cooks) prepare meals for those in need.

We’ve rounded up this list of restaurants worth trying so you can make the most of this event—everywhere from Korochka Tavern to Salare to Tamari Bar. We’ve also noted which ones are Asian American and/or Pacific Islander-owned, Black-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and family-owned.

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