Spaghetti sauce

An easy recipe for spaghetti sauce made from scratch in the crock pot with just the right seasonings! Instructions to make it with or without meat!

The fact that I haven’t shared this easy recipe for spaghetti sauce with you yet is flat out ridiculous. I’ve been holding out on you guys with this one and I owe ya’ll a huge apology! Spaghetti Sauce is such an essential recipe that everyone needs in their repertoire, especially this one because it’s easy and made from scratch in the crock pot, and it’s utterly delicious! 

There are so many reasons to love this recipe. For starters, it’s versatile. You can make this with or without meat, and with our without veggies which means there’s an option for all of you! 

Spaghetti sauce 8

Ryan is a meat lover, so I tend to make this with Italian Sausage and ground beef or ground turkey, and I love the veggies, so I always add those in too, but you can also do it without the veggies, and you can also do it without the meat! And don’t you worry, I outline below exactly what is essential and what are the optional add-in ingredients and explain how to make it with or without meat.

This recipe is made in the crock pot which is half of what makes it delicious. It cooks low and slow all day long so that come dinner time, you’re left with a fantastic sauce that the whole family is going to devour.

Spaghetti sauce 7

Now, before anyone freaks out about the fact that I have sugar listed under the “optional” ingredients, let me just explain the purpose of it in this recipe. Sometimes homemade spaghetti sauce can taste a little bitter because of the tomatoes. Sugar is one ingredient that helps to balance out the bitterness, therefore, I recommend tasting the sauce shortly before serving it. If it tastes a little bitter, add in about a tablespoon of sugar. It doesn’t matter if you use granulated sugar or brown sugar. I’ve used both with great success. Adding carrot also helps a bit with the bitterness.

Lastly, one of my tricks to prevent this spaghetti sauce from getting watered down: I like to drape a clean towel over the slow cooker before I put the lid on it to cook. The towel will undoubtedly get very messy, but, it’ll absorb any excess moisture. If by chance the sauce is not quite the right consistency, add in an additional can of tomato paste shortly before serving. I’ve never needed to add in the tomato paste if I use the towel trick! Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

Spaghetti sauce collage

I don’t have a precise serving size, just know that this recipe for spaghetti sauce makes a lot and freezes beautifully! You can use it however you wish, for spaghetti or any other pasta that you’d like. This time around I served it over mushroom stuffed ravioli and it was deeelicious! Enjoy!

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce
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