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Seattles Communion is among five Pacific Northwest spots to be featured on the New York Times 2021 list of the most vibrant and delicious restaurants in America.

Seattle’s Communion is among five Pacific Northwest spots to be featured on the New York Times‘ 2021 list of the most “vibrant and delicious” restaurants in America. Jessica Rycheal

This week, the New York Times confirmed what Pacific Northwesterners have long known—that our dining scene is worthy of the national spotlight—with its 2021 list of “the 50 places in America we’re most excited about right now.” Three restaurants from Seattle and two from Portland were included among the compilation of the nation’s “most vibrant and delicious restaurants,” and the Times‘ critics had plenty of glowing praise for the local spots. Read on to discover which establishments made the cut and why.


This high-end restaurant from married couple Aaron Verzosa (formerly of Modernist Cuisine and Harvest Vine) and Amber Manuguid focuses on a Pacific Northwest approach to Filipino cooking, using local and seasonal ingredients.
The New York Times says: “It’s rare for the chef to check in with diners at the end of the tasting menu and make sure they’re feeling full, but Archipelago isn’t like any other tasting. A puff of pan de sal pulls apart effortlessly, filling the air with a sweet, buttery perfume. Burning pine needles, and the rich, muscly scent of shrimp paste waft over from the open kitchen. Cooks walk around with a tray of sliced rib-eye steak, offering seconds. You could easily get lost in the deliciousness of the modern Filipino food, but Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid do more than send out excellent food. They tell complicated, expansive stories about the Pacific Northwest and the many ways that Filipino immigrants have shaped it, using words, pictures and even some unexpected dance moves behind the pass.”
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