I am a bad blogger. While others are posting recipes for green bean casseroles, newfangled stuffing, and yet another way to improve turkey (it’s amazing how many ways there seem to be, and they just keep coming…) this year, I’m back to digging into my recipe files, finally getting around to making some of the recipes I’ve clipped over the years.

This usual-sounding cake was one of the clipped recipes that have been patiently waiting for almost a few decades (as was the case for this chocolate hazelnut tart and these butterscotch bars), and I’m just now tackling. If a cake made with crushed Graham crackers and spicy speculoos cookies, along with butter, whole wheat flour, and flaky sea salt, sounds good to you, you’re not alone. I traveled across the Atlantic with it!

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Source: https://www.davidlebovitz.com/graham-cracker-cake-speculoos-recipe/